The Henry Beck Family of Chesterfield NJ   2 comments

Posted October 4, 2012 by TECBarclay in Genealogy

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  1. I have heard my husband’s Beck family was there with a Price family and they always married and traveled together. I find them in Grenup, Ky, then Belpre, Oho on into Owen Co , Ind 1850 and some into Taylor Co. Iowa. No one had ever done any history on my husband’s Beck grandparents. The only thing I had to work with was a 1935 letter from Harry Clay Beck. His father was Edward Beck, born Belpre, Ohio 11/23/1821. I have traveled to Marietta, Oho and have been fortunate in finding some records, but many questions??? I think we are part of the Own Co family, but not sure. All the Becks were farmers, but our great, great grandfather Edward did tintypes in the Civil War and then photography in Worthington, Ind and Indianapolis. There are Becks in 1850 in Dover, Ohio- so I am at a loss. In 1923, my husband’s grandfather in Indianapolis worked for the railroad and moved his family to Spencer, Ind and purchased a 360 acre farm- we thought the RR transferred him. Now I am wondering if he was following his roots. Any info would br greatly appreciated. Hping I can get this msg through. I am not savvy with a computer. Thanks

    Linda Lou Knotts Harris
    • Those Becks, my guess is, like descend from Thomas Bowne Beck, out of Philadelphia, or from Joseph Ellison Beck, the famous Mormon, who left families from the East to West Coasts. I have no Prices intermixed with my Becks. If they were in the area, you might look for information from the excellent Quaker Records.

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