Carl Freeman Barclay and Virginia Marie Crawford   Leave a comment

Carl Freeman Barclay and Virginia Marie Crawford married on June 21, 1947 in Trenton. She was just shy of her 19th birthday, having been born on August 1, 1928 in Trenton. Carl was 23 years old. He was born on February 4, 1924, also in Trenton. These two were married in the Rectory of St. Mary’s Cathedral.
Virginia was the eldest of three daughters. Her sisters, Joan Dolores Crawford and Dorothy Shirley Crawford were the other two children of James Walton Crawford and Alice Beck. James was born to James Gilbert Crawford and Lela Leona Cole in Bradley Beach, NJ on November 26, 1905. Lela was the daughter of Willard L. Cole and Mary Evona Walton and born on July 24, 1881. James Gilbert Crawford was the son of George Haggerty Crawford and Sarah Jane Brower.
Alice Beck was the daughter of Clarence Ford Beck of Yardville and Barbara Louise Weismiller, born in Allentown, PA, but likely living with her father, George at the farm on Kuser and White Horse Road in Hamilton. Clarence was the son of William Franklin Beck and Maria Chandler Ellis. Maria is from Plympton, MA, and is descendent from 5 Mayflower passengers. The house where Clarence was born still stands on Yardville-Allentown Road, just east of Route 130 in Yardville.

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